7 Questions To Build A Distinctive Brand

When you know who you are and why you’re in business, you can win an advantage over the market. Follow our seven point guide and you’ll start building a distinctive brand that’s memorable and clear to potential clients.

  1. How Do You Position Your Brand?

Positioning creates an exclusive space for your brand by showing customers what only your company can achieve. Outline the exact design scenarios you resolve and the unique approach you bring to the business to make sure people know what you can – and can’t – do. This highlights the unique value that sets you apart from the competition, encouraging clients to think of your company when their needs match your abilities.


  1. Where Is Your Space In The Market?

Look at your competitors and potential clients across the design industry. Pay close attention to trends and recent changes, while checking how other companies present themselves and what they say. You can now start identifying unoccupied areas and unused forms of communication, which highlights where you can be original.


  1. Why Are You In Business?

Find your purpose – this is the central idea behind your company. A clear purpose shows why you’re different to the competition and can form the basis of everything you say as a brand. This can increase customer loyalty and attract motivated talent to your team, allowing you to outperform the market.


  1. What Do You Sound Like?

You need to sound distinctive and authentic to connect with your customers. Everything you write will tell people something about who you are. Think about the words you use and the way you describe your business offer: it all helps you to develop a unique voice.


  1. How Do You Look?

The logo, colours and typography that make up your visual identity can encourage people to recognise your brand. Check for consistency anywhere your firm appears – like presentations, your website and social media profiles – and ask whether these accurately reflect you.


  1. What Makes You Unique?

Narrow down why you’re different to other companies and then tell clients why that matters. Highlight problems only your product can solve and the specific use cases that benefit from your work.


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