Doing Good with The Hive

How she and her team at the charity, transform young people’s lives through creativity.

We design brands that make a difference for the ones doing generational good. The Hive is a community arts charity working across Shropshire to run creative projects, primarily with children and young people in challenging circumstances. We created a cohesive brand for them that gave their robust, fun community an identity to unify behind. 

Here, we talk to CEO Katie Jennings about their recent rebrand, challenges facing the charity sector and what the future could look like for The Hive.

Tell us about The Hive and the work you do.

The Hive runs a venue in central Shrewsbury and hosts gigs, events, workshops and talks. Our vision as a charity arts organisation is to help give a voice to vulnerable children and young people across Shropshire.

How has the charity changed- if at all? 

 The Hive is and always will be an ever-evolving organisation. We have to change with the times and funding circumstances and ensure that we’re responding to the needs of our local community and the groups of children and young people our charity is working with.

The Hive is both a charity and a venue, which makes us unique, but also can be a challenge to communicate. As a result, having a flexible brand is vital to our success.

What challenges have you faced as a charity?

Funding! Also, identity- being understood. It has been challenging for people to understand that we are a charity and a venue; we run projects with disadvantaged children and young people, and we run a venue, but we’re not for profit. This can be confusing and trying to communicate this clearly through our marketing and branding has been an ongoing challenge.

What is the overall aim of The Hive and how do you engage with your team, patrons and target audience?

The Hive’s mission is to inspire meaningful change through creative experiences. Our charity has a strong presence on social media and helps us to engage with our audiences of all ages. Also, being a community charity, we are fortunate to be situated centrally in Shrewsbury, where many people can drop in and engage with the team. Having a stronger brand identity helps us to have a stronger presence among our own community and within the wider community.

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