Doing Good with Lost Tea

Harry Carr-Ellison Founder- on how he shares his love of organic, fermented green tea with the UK.

We design brands that make the difference for the ones doing generational good. We worked with Lost Tea to help create a brand identity that put the quality and unique nature of the product at the core of the brand.

Here, we talk to the founder of Lost Tea, Harry Carr-Ellison, as he shares details of his journey from first discovering the product grown in the hills of Myanmar to creating the brand.

Tell us about your work and business background.

Since taking a trip to Sri Lanka after leaving university with a Bsc in Anthropology, I have been totally captivated by the country and what it has to offer. During my time there, I toured the tea plantations and it made me realise what a special and versatile product this was. So when I returned to the UK, I was determined to go back as soon as possible to find out more and started reading up about the country, its culture and history.

What was the inspiration behind Lost Tea?

When I was working for a recruitment company in Yangon, I drank a lot of the local green tea and ate vast amounts of fermented tea salad ‘Lahpet thoke’. Actually, for the first few weeks or so, I didn’t even realise it was tea leaves in the salad, and I loved it. It amazed me that such a delicious tea and truly unique dish wasn’t used more by the international community. 

My concept of selling locally was never about creating competition for my suppliers, but more for trying to create a new international market for them. 

What is the ethos behind your company and how do you want to present your products to the market in the UK?

My aim is to increase people’s awareness of Lahpet and the delicate taste of Burmese green tea, so we can help as many smallholder farmers in the country as we can. Spreading the word about the product’s health benefits is also a big driving force. I want to create a profitable business while also helping to build a sustainable international market for Myanmar tea, both drinking and edible.

The Lost Tea Company is now stocked across the UK and can be found in various shops and restaurants in and around Myanmar. We’re still working with Harry and The Lost Tea Company, in helping to further develop the brand with new products on the horizon including the latest project, Ice Tea.

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