What we learnt rebranding our charity

5 useful tips on how to nail your charity rebrand
by Katie Jennings, CEO The Hive.


1. Don’t rush it

It’ll probably take longer than you think if you want to get it right.

2. Invest your time in it.

This is hard because everyone is busy, but it’s worth taking some time to ensure your brand feels right. Remember this is going to represent your entire brand for the foreseeable future – so it’s worth spending time on it to make sure it communicates your message.

3. Choose carefully.

Finding the right company was vitally important for us and in this case, it was COUNTRY because they really understood The Hive, genuinely cared about seeing the process through and helped us to implement it practically.

4. Involve people

We wanted to ensure our brand would effectively communicate the essence of The Hive to the people it needs to. Involving our key stakeholders (staff team, children and young people, volunteers, Board of Trustees, Creative Advisory Board, and project partners) in the process was crucial to make sure that we were getting it right. It’s difficult to please everyone and we had to keep remembering this, but at least through this consultation and involvement, there was a sense of ownership and a collective loyalty to the new brand before it was even rolled out.

5. Give everyone their say

This is an iterative process and COUNTRY took on board every point and comment. The resulting brand feels like a positive team effort and there’s a lot of love out there (and in The Hive) for it!

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