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CloudAttribution – Digital design, website design.

CloudAttribution is a London and U.S.-based FinTech brand that helps clients understand the performance of their fixed income and multi-asset portfolios. We designed a new website to make the CloudAttribution message more accessible, and developed distinctive brand assets that are unique in the FinTech sector.

Your Returns Illuminated

To understand CloudAttribution, our team had to create a human connection. We took the time to speak with the founders, to understand their ethos, purpose and aims for the business. Both companies shared their expertise and feelings openly. We call this Personality Led Design. Our conversations uncovered the idea behind everything CloudAttribution does. Together we created a central thread that defines the company and its new website:

cloudattribution website design shrewsbury

Movement and animation

The CloudAttribution team wants to make a distinctive first impression. They also need to show visitors the right information. We used movement to highlight important details and create a memorable user experience.

What we did

Our landing page pairs movement with purpose. The animation enhances user experience and connects with the Your Returns Illuminated concept. From the moment they enter the website, users see the clarity that sets CloudAttribution apart.

We broke up longer sections of text with animations that highlight key words when users interact with the website. These pinpoint the key elements of each Asset Class and how CloudAttribution can help. Now users can see the important facts before reading the entire page.

‘We didn’t want something formulaic that looks like every other FinTech company. The CloudAttribution website had to become more modern and more relevant to our clients.’ 

James Taylor, CloudAttribution

Readability and content

Clients want to understand the FinTech software and find information that’s relevant to them. CloudAttribution has to explain its business value with professional confidence. We designed the website content and its user interface to balance these requirements.

What we did

We established CloudAttribution’s audience, identity and distinctive features. They directed us towards a professional and informative tone of voice, which we’ve used in all written media. 

Our UI changes simplify complex content and make it more engaging. Drop-down lists divide large amounts of information into smaller sections that are easier to read. We also added interactive elements that encourage users to spend more time in important areas

We created the straightforward Our Solution structure and implemented it throughout the website. It details problems the audience might face and highlights the unique ways CloudAttribution can help.

‘The Design by Country team has made the website as intuitive as possible, so our clients can move straight to the section they need.’

James Taylor, CloudAttribution

cloudattribution case study website shrewsbury
cloudattribution case study website shrewsbury
cloudattribution case study website shrewsbury

‘The new website makes it clear we understand the problem and have a solution.’

James Taylor, CloudAttribution

Appearance and branding

Our task was to increase brand recognition and advise the client on a new visual language. We reinterpreted the existing logo and developed a complementary colour palette.

What we did

We suggested orange to distinguish CloudAttribution from its competitors. The bright shade engages users and strengthens our illumination theme. Working jointly with the founders, we then revised the intensity and extent of the website’s colours. The finished palette is distinctive and gives their team confidence.

To connect CloudAttribution with its visual brand, we designed new graphic elements inspired by the company logo. These variations extend the brand and provide CloudAttribution with new versatile assets, improving brand ownership. 

‘Now people see the future version of CloudAttribution.’

James Taylor, CloudAttribution

The result

We brought CloudAttribution’s project together by building trust, working together and talking at every step along the way. That’s how we find deeper meanings and do our best work. It’s not for everyone but it’s right for us.

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Visit the new website here

cloudattribution_website design shrewsbury