Peter’s Yard

From Sweden With Love

Peter’s Yard

Peter’s Yard is a specialist Swedish bakery, best known for it’s delicious range of sourdough crackers or knäckebröd. The brand is named for Peter Ljungquist, a quiet Swede with a passion for traditional baking.

The challenge

Peter’s Yard and Country have worked together for over seven years and have overcome some difficult, but exciting, challenges.

As a uniquely multicultural product, the brand needed to reflect both British and Swedish culture. The branding also needed to be multipurpose, the imagery had to be consistent across the packaging, the website, as well as various advertising including trade show stands and features. 

“We’re delighted to benefit from working with a highly-experienced and talented team at Country – which has no doubt played a part in our 50% average year-on-year business growth.”

Wendy Wilson Bett – Joint Founder, Peter’s Yard

what we did

We took the time to get to know the friendly faces behind Peter’s Yard, and what we found was a real love for Sweden. We worked with photographer PA Jorgensen to create a loving homage to Swedish culture across the brand. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength, seeing 50% year on year business growth.

We also looked to develop a website that didn’t just sell the product, but encouraged visitors to get excited about Swedish food. Regular blog posts as well as recipes encourage customers to take an active interest in the brand.

“In the last couple of years, our business has gone from strength to strength and we subsequently launched a number of new products – of which Country created our packaging and helped launch them to the market, including supporting us with Waitrose features.”

Wendy Wilson Bett – Joint Founder, Peter’s Yard

the result

To this day, Country and Peter’s Yard still have a fruitful and collaborative relationship. Most recently, we helped with the branding on a new top secret project. As always, we worked closely with the individuals who make Peter’s Yard so great. This allowed us to create some truly unique designs that we can’t wait to share.

Peter’s Yard continues to grow as a brand and has been releasing new products that ship out all over the world. With every new venture, Country has been helping to push the brand forward.

Throughout our time working together, Peter’s Yard has gone from a small artisanal brand to an everyday favourite available in big name stores like Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.