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Latest News & Insight

Why rebranding your company will keep you ahead of the curve.

When is the right time to rebrand?
It might be too late.

Even if you were lucky enough to make it through the year without having to do a total 180, there’s one reason in particular why rebranding is still one of the best things you can do for your business.


What some design studios don’t want you to know.

When picking out a design studio for branding – whether for a rebrand or for a whole new venture – it’s tempting to think first about ease. Not so fast!

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What good brand building has the power to do.

In our last conversation, we talked through all the reasons 2021 is a great time to rebrand – that consumer behaviour is changing and people are far more interested in buying from brands that align with them than ever before.

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New work for RHUBARB
Proud to share a very personal brand identity project we’ve been working on.

Full case study here

Make sure you’re Connectd.

New work for Connectd
Connectd is a startup digital platform directly connecting members with the UK’s leading founders, Investors & NAMs (NEDs, Board Advisors & Mentors). We were asked by the leadership team at Connectd to design the platform UI and UX along with the main website. Visit here.

7 Questions To Build A Distinctive Brand.

Our second article for The Engine part of the Investment Association to offer their members advice on how to build their brands.
When you know who you are and why you’re in business, you can win an advantage over the FinTech market. Here’s our seven point guide how to start building a distinctive brand that’s memorable and clear to potential clients.


New Work for Kiln
Brand design and website for digital business development startup Kiln. Working closely with the founder Ben to create a flexible identity that works across each of the business offers. Kiln works with tech innovators, elevating their ideas, so they spark and catch fire in the media-tech space.

An Introduction To Brand Personality.

Our third article for The Engine ‘Branding tips for your FinTech business Part 3: How To Make Your FinTech Company Resonate’. Read it here.

Investment Association Engine.

We’ve partnered with The Engine part of the Investment Association to offer their members advice on how to build their brands. Our first article in a series Keep your eyes on the client

Harry, Founder Lost Tea.

Meet the founders #1
Find out more about Harry, founder of The Lost Tea company in our meet the founders series – Read here.

Peter’s Yard Flatbread launch.

NEW. Congratulations to Peter’s Yard on their recent launch of Sourdough Flatbreads. Find them in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado as well as any discerning farm shop and delis. Design by COUNTRY.

Tech Severn.

Tech Severn is an event that brings together the brightest and best in the tech sectors of housing, environment and accessibility.