About us

We’re a design studio of makers and dreamers. A place where like-minded people gather to build brands that make a difference.

COUNTRY was born out of the desire to do things differently. It’s simple; we want to work with good people and build strong brands that matter.

Brand Strategy

A clear distillation of what makes you, you. Who you are, what you do, why you care, how you act, where you’re going and crucially, why people should believe in you. We’ll work together to define your brand positioning, proposition, values, story, and behaviours. This becomes the foundation of your visual and verbal brand, informing its development throughout the project.

Brand Identity

The look and feel of your brand; once we have a clear sense of who you are, what you stand for and where you’re going, we’ll explore your visual brand in detail. From colour palette and typography to infographics and photography – we’ll present a range of possibilities that meet the demands of your creative brief.

Brand Writing

Your verbal brand should work just as hard as your visual. In line with your developing visual brand, we’ll explore your tone of voice (what you say and how you say it) and brand messaging before developing agreed brand writing for key communications. We can work with you to bed in your tone of voice to make sure you can keep writing consistent and on-brand moving forwards.

We’re lucky to work with like-minded clients and creative people that share our belief in giving something back to the world. From an ethical eastern tea business to a leading Specialist Education provider – clients that genuinely care about their impact on the world.


Give something back

Our work is all the better for being driven by a higher purpose. We always try to do a little good through our work; whether that’s creating sustainable packaging or working on a brand that helps people in some way. Giving back should be a given.

Walk in other people’s shoes

Empathy is vital in our work. Our ability to understand another’s point of view and unique experience in life is what enables us to create compelling communication that connects with people in a meaningful way.

Look beyond the horizon

We’re creating the future, so always think about the impact of our work beyond today. This means making sure it has a lasting legacy, as well as ensuring it doesn’t date over time
or have a negative impact on our environment.

Go your own way

We do what feels right, rather than what we think we should. Design can be faddish, but we think it’s better to use common sense and intellect rather than influence. Intuition is important to us, so we encourage one another to tap into our own rather than following the crowd.

Keep it real

Being genuine people is key to our success and ability to find joy in our work. We speak like real people rather than hiding behind a corporate veneer, and aren’t afraid to express feelings when the time is right.

The sum of the parts

We’re stronger together. Working with a bunch of trusted and talented collaborators is an important part of how we do things. We recognise what each person brings to our collective whole and celebrate their unique flavour.