About us

People focused.

We design brands for businesses and organisations that want to make a big difference.

You’ll get richer results from a deep and meaningful relationship between you and the team designing your brand.

Bringing to bear your taste, gut, intuition and passion along with ours.

Working closely and fluidly together, not relying on rigid models or processes.

How do we achieve this?

Let's get personal

We’re all about the people. We don’t have a large headcount or expensive offices; just smart people coming together where and when you need them to work on your business problem.

We concentrate on the needs of our clients, whether they be small start-ups brimming with energy or big, bold established businesses.

Keeping real people in mind

Let’s never forget who’ll be consuming, touching and connecting with your brand.

We always ensure that insight and an understanding of customer behaviour sits at the heart of our work.

lost tea company branding shrewsbury

No channel or skill bias

Our design-led background means we have no channels bias  – instead we are able to deliver rich living brands that can flow and flex into any channels required.

What you need, only when you need it

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Design, Brand Positioning and Naming.

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