Keep your eyes on the client.

How to focus on your clients’ problems and why you’re best placed to solve them. Potential clients want to find out what your design company can do for them. You can give a clear answer by following Design by Country’s four stage guide:

  1. Introduce Yourself

Before a potential client can assess your offer, they need to understand you as a business,  A simple description of who you are and what you do ensures that everyone can make sense of your service while keeping the pitch short gets people straight to the point. Outline the main details of your offer too, and how you are going to help the client achieve their goals. That way they can quickly work out whether your company is right for them.

  1. Why Do They Need You?

Show that you recognise the client’s problems and know how to fix them: it’s all about them. You can do this in three steps:

  • Highlight the existing business challenge.
  • Explain why your business can help.
  • Demonstrate the value this has for a client.

 That last point is key. The result you deliver is more important to your client than how your solution works, so make sure the benefits to them are stated clearly. 

  1. What Do They Want To Know?

Now your company can explain its place in the design market in greater detail. Make sure any questions that they ask can be answered.

  • Group information by specific business needs to help keep information accessible. 
  • Show your expertise off; what can you do for them that others can’t?
  • When it’s easy to gather information, you immediately boost client confidence and understanding.
  1. Make It Happen

Including extra content can underline who you are and what you bring to the table. You could examine a previous project with a case study, explore the industry in a regular blog post  or share your knowledge in a white paper. 

All of these approaches improve your credibility as a company and encourage potential clients to find out more. Ensure your contact details are obvious and easy to find too, so your website visitors can turn into clients.

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