An Introduction To Brand Personality

How to make your brand resonate with potential clients.

 Showing the human element of your work can make your brand more effective. It highlights the attitudes that make you unique. And it speaks to your customers directly. Personality encourages people to connect with you – and that makes sure they see your product for longer. Learn how to build brand personality with our 3 minute guide.  


  • Brand Personality

Your product is one part of your pitch. The way you work is the other. Customers need to understand your culture and how you can interact with them. The choices you make will be right for some clients and not for others. Brand personality helps customers better understand your unique value.

Think about the human traits you associate with your brand. Perhaps your firm is detail-focused or likes moving quickly. Focus on what makes you distinctive too. You want to show what kind of person the company would be: this is brand personality. 

  • Connect With The Customer

 Clients respond to brand personalities that complement their own. Help them identify a match and you improve your chances of success. There are two sides to forming this emotional link. You should share your own opinions but you must show empathy for your customer too. Be interested in what they want to achieve and how your brand personalities can match.

  • Evolution Not Revolution

A clear personality creates a memorable brand. When you maintain the same voice over time and on different platforms, your company builds consistency. This helps customers recognise you and form a lasting connection.  

But don’t think you can never change. The design industry is developing and your company will grow too. Your message and your content should adapt to each new situation. You can always say new things – just make sure you come back to your humanity.

  • Have A Conversation

You can’t reach branding decisions in a vacuum. You need to know how other people view your company. Talk to colleagues and clients throughout the creative process and gather outside perspectives. Learn what your stakeholders need your brand personality to say.


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